The Rhythm Of Silence


You are silent.

You have always been so.

They complain and insist about your incompleteness,

for not being constantly surrounded by folks.

You might start believing the lie, for you’re the part of this world…

But don’t expect too much, as it will all fall one day,

and then there will be no one else, as it would have been all fake.

Being alone isn’t scary or sad, you can always enjoy and be glad,

all you need is your personal space, with the silent rhythm that you crave.

So many thoughts that race your head, with the fear to disappoint if someone expects.

So much that you have kept inside, with the fear that someone will not surmise.

And in the midst of all such thoughts, something strange happens,

when there is no one else around and there is nothing to listen,

the sound of your heartbeat is the only escape, when you stop being afraid of where your thoughts fade,

You will find SILENCE.

Cherish it.

You are able to step away from everything,

with just silence, besides and inside of you.

Feel its intensity flowing right down to your soul,

like a warm, soothing, downy cloud, enveloping and embracing you.

Like a true friend, it will help you relax,

Cushioning and moistening the stiffness of your soul.

And you will be silent again.

You have always been so.


Thank you for reading!!!


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