You are the universe,

you are it’s beautiful soul,

you are the power to heal,

from the monsters in your thoughts.

You are the mindful thoughts,

that you speak through your paint brush,

and you are an urge to paint,

on an empty canvas with vivid colours.

You are the shining rays,

with croaky morning voice,

you are the pure magic,

that you believe is wise.

You are the romantic lyrics,

of all the songs that you love,

you are the musical instruments,

that you play with fervour.

You are the most accurate quotes,

from the books that you read,

you are the unspoken words,

that the storm in your eyes speak.

You are the nostalgic memories,

that your heart will hold forever,

you are the photos that hang up on your wall,

collected as souvenirs.

You are the warmth in your smile,

for all the tears you’ve cried,

you are all the sweet dreams,

that you wish were somewhere real.

You are the special one,

in the form of human,

holding onto the scattered souls,

of this universe.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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