When it’s over…


It was just an ending, not the end,

like the long route road having a bend.

Though, unless you are willing to take a turn,

I worry that it might convert to an end.

You’re all strong and capable,

of tackling with your secret fable,

all that scare you is the,

heartache and the breakup.

Remember while it hurts,

there’s an open door somewhere,

that promises hope,

and a better future ahead.

Don’t you worry dear,

as this is still not the end,

the time will change again,

and you will start to mend.

So, cry as much as you want,

to finish it once and for all,

as you have to begin again,

trusting the magic of dawn.

Listen to your heart now,

it whispers that it’s healing,

welcoming the new beginnings,

and relishing this feeling.

It’s the perspective that matters

in life, full of beginnings and ends,

the spaces between the two will haunt you,

not the endings, themselves.

Like the sunsets are proof,

that the endings can be beautiful too,

hold on to yourself,

as this phase was a sunset too.

So, let them see your strength,

let them see your wholeness,

and let them realise,

that this was just an ending for you, and not the end.


Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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