The sun has shone bright all day long,

now, it’s stepping back, letting the leaves sleep along.

The sky has awakened with the beautiful moonlight,

Shining high with shimmering stars through the night.


When things you did not ask for,

burden your mind and heart,

it’s better to just let them be,

without being stubborn and harsh.


When people talk about you,

making you crazy and disturbed,

let them be happy making fun,

as it’s useless explaining them your worth.


When you feel that you have,

lost an irredeemable amount of time,

believe that you were still growing and blooming,

and nothing was missed behind.


Next to your decision, when you don’t know what time will bring,

a difficult journey or an easy path,

remind yourself that you will have all what you need,

and still being guided right for where you are destined to be.


You are too allowed to be peaceful,

if everybody around you is content,

don’t panic to know what happens next,

trust that your story is far from finished yet…


It is okay if it takes a while,

to get through all of this mess.

It is okay if it takes a little longer,

for your story to start making sense.

As this is in the nature…

Like there is no comparison between the sun and the moon,

they shine when it’s their time,

don’t compare your life to others,

as you are not wrong just because they all are same and you are different.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.


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