A little more!

Lessons of Life

It was all sunshine

with bright blue skies,

and the shimmering stars

in the dark moonlit nights.

I was a kid then,

when it all started one day.

It was scary

as I was drowning in a pool of pain.


with tightly squeezed eyes

Why I have become so frail?

It was then,

that I first learned,

to become a little wiser

the wounds were important.

Understanding that life can be happier,

 but only if we have endured the sadness,

that it can be a heaven

but only through hell.

And today here I am,

confronting the same pain ever since

with faces identical or unknown

with places mysterious or known,

tasting the blessings to be alive,

after drowning,

still trying to comprehend the harsh lessons of life,

to be a little more wise

and to live a little more life.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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