It’s like a flower unfolding itself

petal by petal,

nurtured by different seasons

throughout its life.

Growing with serenity through

the white quilt while craving for the sunshine,

until the fall comes

to wither it all at once.


Our soul,

it acts as a battlefield,

upon which reasons wage war against fate.


Where losing someone is like,

losing a piece of it,

making us fall apart,

into the deep cold anguish,

leaving the empty spaces inside,

with the feeling that you can never be strong.


But know, that all such empty spaces,

means there is a room enough to grow.

Believe that this piece of your soul

was only a small phase

and that someone who left you

was always meant to be let go,

like the memories of things, you’ve been through,

like the many people you’ve met in and out,

like the different times and the different places, you’ve been to,

like pleasure and misery.


Oftentimes, we need to accept

these seasons that our soul experience.


Our soul – which has fallen apart,

has been broken into

uncountable pieces scattered everywhere

like petals,

which was once peaceful,

through the winter of grief

and the summer of happiness,

is constantly trying to make

those empty spaces too,

a part of itself.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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