Have you ever thought of escaping,

into the world without emotions?

Where you are all alone,

away from all commotion.

A place where your heart finds solace,

from all the chaos and destruction,

and where your soul pledge allegiance,

for your resurrection.


Can you?


Can you escape?


From all the sadness that your heart holds?

From all the pain and suffering

that you have endured?


From the loneliness and the dark thoughts,

that grip you through all days and nights?

Can you escape from all the scars,

that wrap around your soul in fright?


No. You actually cannot.


As you cannot escape,

from your desires and your expectations.

Like you cannot escape,

from your love and your hopes.


In a way, you can never escape from your feelings,

whatever they may be like.


The memories or the demons,

the dreams or the nightmares,

those that you want to reminisce

or that you tend to ignore.


So, let these emotions follow you,

let them be your indispensable part,

for they will never win against you,

with an invincible heart.


Let these feelings accompany you,

in your journey, without any fright,

because with every dawn’s first light,

there is an end of the dark night.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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