At 2am, oftentimes

when I am still awake in my bed,

locked up inside my dimly lit room,

I stare at my silhouette

and scribble something random.

Some thoughts that unmasks my soul from reality,

thoughts that expose my heart naked,

becoming a little more vulnerable,

as tears fill my eyes,

I once again break and fall,

like the darkness in the night.

All I think is about my failures and devolution,

as the night wind pushes me inside the darkened vexation,

and now I am gasping for air,

like life has been sucked out of me,

sinking deeper and deeper,

I realise,

that the dangerously devil and devastatingly sad walls of my room,

are collapsing on me,

terrified with the feeling of never evolving again

I cry alone, completely scared,

enduring the breakage and cuddling within myself,

I find some solace in the caverns of my chest.

Thinking that these thoughts are worse than the nightmares,

I still lay awake at 4am,

as fragile as a life that I own,

as sensitive as dewdrops,

ready to be carried away

with the first breeze of dawn.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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