Sensitive yet strong

It’s okay to cry,

even the sky cry sometimes,

it’s okay to scream,

even the nature does oftentimes.

Know that being too sensitive

never means that you are weak,

and that being too emotional

never puts you at fault.

Understand that your anxiety

is nothing to be ashamed of,

and that your intuition

is never meant to be ignored.

Never apologize for your emotions

as they resemble your big heart,

don’t ever desensitize yourself

as expressing freely is a sign of power.

You possess the genuine abilities

to feel the energies of others,

you are gifted with an abundance

of empathy and compassion.

Do not harden yourself to the world

as it is where your destiny dwell,

never hesitate about your kindness

as it has always been your strength.

Own who you are

as being sensitive is a way of life,

you’ve got a brave soul

and its courageous enough to lead an authentic life.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.


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