Sometimes, you think too much about life

and you usually think about all the bad experiences that you are facing.

You talk about the terrible things that happened to you.

You talk about the darkness, the silence and loneliness.

You talk about the humiliation that you faced.

You talk about the struggles that you couldn’t conquer,

the mindsets you couldn’t change,

the heart you couldn’t love,

the times you couldn’t live to the fullest,

the places you couldn’t wander.

The mess you are struggling through everyday in your life, seeps in like the water into the earth.

The sadness constantly threatens your peace, but you still want to embrace it, as you have grown used to the suffering and the pain.

And eventually, it feels extremely important for your heart to let these feelings seep in through your soul.

They give you no choice to opt out of this mess and you believe that you would never recover from it.

As the time passes, you realize that you don’t want anything, but peace.

You don’t feel like crying anymore now

and everything seems fine to you.

But, one day it happens again.

You think that maybe you are ignoring your emotions

and that soon they will come back out of nowhere.

You think, life can only be cruel to you.

It cannot bring you better days

and that you are expecting too much.

Until one day it transpires.

You wake up and you’re in this completely different place, where everything seems so right.

Your heart is calm.

Your soul is lit.

Your thoughts are positive.

And you realize that you’re actually happy.

You think that maybe life had another plan for you.

Maybe you deserve much better that what you had.

Maybe the bad time couldn’t break you because you’re stronger than that.

You realize that in your story, this was only a chapter.

Maybe you can survive anything

and maybe you finally want to.

And you smile…

because you are proud of yourself

and the person you’ve fought to become.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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