Like a book full of contrasting stories

a little bit of everything she was,

going through every phase sincerely

stepping ahead full of scars.

Knowing her was a mystery

what was visible was only a part,

she was a wild storm

wrapped beautifully in a wind so calm.

She had it all inside of her

the will and the patience in her pores,

yet she moved from the lives quietly

becoming anxious inside her core.

All her bruises and pains

were a pair of wings worn gracefully,

and everything broken in her

was mended up beautifully.

Invincibly tough she was

and effortlessly gentle,

growing through the sufferings

developing wiser and strengthened.

Extremely high and thick walls

detached her from the outer world,

yet she was faithful to those

who climbed up to know  what was inside of her.

Black and white she saw all around

with the thoughts so grey and deep,

yet she was relaxed and light hearted

and followed the colours to lead.

A confident loner she was

content in her own soul,

humbly adjusting in the society

which never bothered when she poured.

Too many feelings she had

with emotions deciding her fate,

she always understood them so well

yet hated them as she repeatedly failed.

With so many conflicts within her

she was yet to discover some more parts

setting aside her expectations

trying to explore life, still very far.

She was gorgeously out of place

in a world so weird and strange,

walking as a contradiction

being predictably, unpredictable in her own ways.

Thank you for reading!!!
Live. Laugh. Love.


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