Let go!


But at some point in life

you have to quit your over thinking

the thoughts that drain your mind and soul

the trivial things of the world

and let go everything that no longer

pull to energy that you want.

At some point you have to stop getting angry and killing yourself

you need to be courageous enough

to allow yourself to say no

to allow yourself to break plans

and need to know that not everyone

you know has access to you.

At some point in life

you have to stop replaying failed scenarios

you too have a right to be carefree

and still see all the good in yourself

you are not bound to satisfy others

you cannot control them or

their thoughts, behaviour and beliefs

you need to focus on yourself

you deserve more.

At some point of time

you need to give away with all

the silence that you are holding on for so long

you need to let the sounds of loneliness fade away

Sounds that you have been living with for so many years

you need to move ahead, carrying hope in your heart

despite all the terrible things and people happening to you.

At some point in life

you have to quit feeding self doubt

their opinions should never influence your capabilities

you know your strengths

and your confidence should never be compromised

you need to stop apologizing for having a heart that feels everything so deeply

you need to be brave enough to be yourself

At some point in your life

you need to learn to stay happy

and at peace with yourself

you are here to spread love

instead of being afraid of it

you have to love yourself and everyone around you

don’t waste away everything in you

being unhappy and sad on worthless things dear.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it to yourself.

Don’t let others do it to you.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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