Autumn Melodies

Autumn Leaf_2

As the sun took a step back

autumn was awakened

leaves broken from the trees

realised their lives were taken

along with the breeze

they twisted and tumbled

at times falling apart

other times rustling against each other

descended from the trees

they quietly float down

slowly making a carpet so rich

with a crackling sound


together they sometimes fly with the wind

from the ground up in the air

higher untill they nearly reach the sky

travelling places unknown and rare

exhausted they lay relaxed

all in red golden and brown

content enough to sleep

silently on the ground

now the raindrops tap each leaf

applauding the secret love

like the keys on a piano

playing music soft as dove

as the sun took a step back

leaves lulled themselves to sleep

turned to colours so bright as flowers

making it a second spring.


Thank you for reading!!!
Live. Laugh. Love

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