it gives a chaotic feeling sometimes

to not tell each other about how you feel

you just keep guessing that the other person has same feeling as you do

but you never say

and stay uncertain

you enjoy the mess

of loving

and being loved in uncertainty

because you know when nothing is certain

anything is possible.

We all have the approximate answers

and possible beliefs

the different degrees of uncertainty

about different things

whether it means anything like

to ask why we’re here

or to know the answers to many things

you dont know anything about

you dont always have to know all the answers

and dont need to be frightened not knowing things

or being lost in a mysterious universe without any purpose

let questions remain unsolved in your heart

live with the doubt and uncertainty and not knowing

move from the need of certanity

towards the curiosity that we all need.

It’s funny

when you think you’ve got it all figured out

just when you finally begin to plan something

and feel like you know your directions

paths change

signs change

wind blows the other way and you’re lost

embrace this change and uncertainty

trust the wait and enjoy the beauty of how events unfold.

There is nothing like ‘perfect’

no perfect endings

but it’s always about not knowing

no perfect relationships

but all about the mess

no perfect life

but about the curiosity and sudden changes

you need to have patience with everything in life

know that everything would work out as planned

it does

because it’s been always that way.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.




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