I know your kind

the sort of person you are

always craving for the best

longing for the desires of your heart.


You think everyone has the same heart as you

and you trust them untill the day

when you feel completely exhausted and fucked up

by their presence and their way.


Yet again, you tend to forget all about it

what happened was not your fault for sure

but longing for the things that destroy you in the end

is like slowly drowning your love into the pour.


You have always been like this,

craving, longing and desiring

never settling for average or good enough

surely deserving best of everything.


You are the sort of person

that notices how tight people hug

wishing for those last 2 minutes

of complete silence and passionate love.


You know that pain of love

lasts a lifetime and forever

and still desire for the pleasures

which lasts for only a moment and never.


You are one of a kind

who let yourself hurt until it hurts no more

never letting yourself believe to be loved truly

always allowing yourself to be cursed more and more.


You isolate yourself from the world around

while you go through hard shit

taking your own space and time

you eventually process your feelings and quit.


It breaks your heart

when others misunderstand you

and then you tend to always find silence and peace

with the books who love the strange in you.


You hate the pointless forced convos

no replies and cancelled plans

expecting the biggest apology to yourself

but all in vain.


You long for the occasional I love you(s) and i miss you(s)

from someone who listens and makes you laugh

but never wanting anyone to fix you

not even when there’s a storm brewing inside your heart.


You want to be alone in your space

but not at all lonely

deserving more than just being an option

demanding to be held more closely.

Thank you for reading!!!

Live. Laugh. Love.



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