I know your kind the sort of person you are always craving for the best longing for the desires of your heart.   You think everyone has the same heart as you and you trust them untill the day when you feel completely exhausted and fucked up by their presence and their way.   … Continue reading YOU


Life! it gives a chaotic feeling sometimes to not tell each other about how you feel you just keep guessing that the other person has same feeling as you do but you never say and stay uncertain you enjoy the mess of loving and being loved in uncertainty because you know when nothing is certain … Continue reading Ambiguity

Autumn Melodies

As the sun took a step back autumn was awakened leaves broken from the trees realised their lives were taken along with the breeze they twisted and tumbled at times falling apart other times rustling against each other descended from the trees they quietly float down slowly making a carpet so rich with a crackling … Continue reading Autumn Melodies


Sometimes, you think too much about life and you usually think about all the bad experiences that you are facing. You talk about the terrible things that happened to you. You talk about the darkness, the silence and loneliness. You talk about the humiliation that you faced. You talk about the struggles that you couldn't … Continue reading SURVIVAL


It’s okay to cry, even the sky cry sometimes, it’s okay to scream, even the nature does oftentimes. Know that being too sensitive never means that you are weak, and that being too emotional never puts you at fault. Understand that your anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of, and that your intuition is never … Continue reading REMINDER