It’s like a flower unfolding itself petal by petal, nurtured by different seasons throughout its life. Growing with serenity through the white quilt while craving for the sunshine, until the fall comes to wither it all at once.   Our soul, it acts as a battlefield, upon which reasons wage war against fate.   Where … Continue reading Petals


We all have dreams. Dreams that reveal our feelings, Feelings that were hidden and repressed for so long. Dreams that are the reflections of our unconscious mind, and some hidden stories inside. They take us to an entirely new world, a gateway to our inception. Dreams – that you wish you could catch, and confine … Continue reading DREAM…!


“Breathe. The universe is taking care of everything else.” At times, you will feel hopeless and anxious in this journey of yours, called life. Sure, the life will throw your way many challenges. A situation, wherein you want your life less than your death. OR A moment, rather a painful moment of your life that … Continue reading INHALE. EXHALE.